We offer a range of tests using the latest technologies.

We do so because we recognise that technological innovation is more tolerable and less risky for the patient.

Prices can be found on our FAQs page.

We aim to identify issues without the need for traditional fibre-optic endoscopy.

In addition, we offer patient friendly assessment when initial imaging yields little of significance.

None of our tests require large cumbersome machinery and all of them can be delivered in comfortable, calm environments.

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Video Capsule

Video capsule enables us to image, and therefore check, the lining of the whole length of the bowel (top to bottom) which cannot be done with traditional endoscopy.

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Breath Testing

Breath testing requires the ingestion of an appropriate non-radioactive nutrient, waiting a short time for nature’s chemical reaction to occur, and then blowing breath samples into a small breath capture bag.

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HRV monitoring

Measuring heart rate variability (HRV) provides a window on physiological wellbeing. Daily stress, exercise, rest and recovery can all be monitored to inform lifestyle adjustment for therapeutic benefit.

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