These pages provide more detailed clinical information and explanation about our tests and services.

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Gastroenterologists & Hepatologists

Minimally invasive investigations offer a new diagnostic toolkit for investigating symptoms arising from the gastrointestinal tract, liver and pancreas.

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Physicians & Surgeons

The availability of minimally invasive investigations offers interested specialists access to diagnostics previously only available through endoscopy units and departments of nuclear medicine.

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A consultation between the GP and specialist almost always requires a patient to visit the outpatient department. Let the MIGe Diagnostics Unit address the GPs request for advice and guidance.

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HPB Surgeons

Breath testing can be used effectively as a metabolic test of pancreatic and liver function.

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Breath testing can be used effectively for the monitoring gastric emptying in patients with poor diabetic control or diabetic gastroparesis.

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Nurses & Dietitians

Video Capsule can be used effectively for the monitoring of Crohn’s healing in IBD. Breath tests can be used to identify functional digestive disorders.

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